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Improving performance and general well being of your horse 

Performance equine dentistry and equilibration is of the utmost importance for any horse which is ridden or driven. Properly done with skill and judgement, it allows the horse to respond rather than react to the hands of the rider or driver, it will minimise fussiness in the mouth, and through improved communication will allow the horse to perform at his best. Through better mastication it will improve nutrition.

There must be a thorough intra-oral examination using a mouth speculum (or gag). Each tooth must be checked with the aid of a bright headlight and an equine intra-oral mirror. All findings and disease should be noted and recorded and treated where possible. Wolf teeth if present will need to be removed.

The cheek teeth will need to have all the sharp points removed, and the edges properly floated, tall teeth which will impede the normal movement of the jaw will need to be correctly reduced, hooks, ramps and waves will need correcting, and irregular prominent transverse ridges will need properly reducing. The first cheek teeth will need to be properly rounded and balanced to prevent the soft inner cheeks being impinged on the teeth by the bit. The canine teeth may need reducing if excessively tall, and rounding off, and tartar removed. The incisors will need to be evaluated and corrected if necessary.

All this takes time, and an attention to detail, the desire to make a difference, the skill and judgement to carry it out, and the proper equipment to achieve that goal. While most of these procedures can be performed with basic hand tools, the same quality of work is difficult to achieve, if attainable in reality.

I have invested over twenty years of my life into this area, and use the leading equipment available in order to give your horse the most comfortable mouth. The difference between being a winner and a loser in competition is often extremely close, a fraction of a second or a single percentage point. It is often said no foot, no horse; the same I believe can be applied to the mouth!

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Mark Thorne, Equine Dental Technician based in Yorkshire. BAEDT/BEVA/BVDA approved.

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